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Gender: Male

Languages: English, Italian

From: Roma, Italia

Guide ID: G33

About My Hometown

Rome, maybe the most famous city in the world. I was born and grow up in Rome, so I can show the city as a local runner. Rome is a museum under the sky. At each corner there is something to show... Run with me and you will discover secret places and hidden gems, you will learn some local tricks, where to eat well and how to best spend your holiday.

About Me

I am a serial runner. I run 4 times at week. Sometimes more and sometimes less. My favourite distance is the marathon. But I love to run ultramarathon and trailrunning. My longest distance has been 100 km on 2019. I love to run early morning in Rome, when still the city is sleeping.


I like to know people from all place of the world and learn about other cultures. So, running tours is the best way to have more social relations.

My Running Experience

I runned a lot of half marathons, full marathons and ultramarathons. I run with a team 2 times at week and during the free time I run by myself or with some tourist

My SightRunning tours

Roman Empire

Tour organised by SPQRun Running Tours Rome

Are you looking to discover Rome in an alternative and fun way? Did you bring your sneakers with you? So what are you waiting for? Come and discover the most beautiful places in Rome by running with us. We will show you some hidden gems that you would never discover on your own.

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