Miha deu

Company name: Fleks d.o.o.

Gender: Male

Languages: English

From: Ljubljana, Slovenija

Guide ID: G13

About My Hometown

Ljubljana is capital city of Slovenia, with population just little less 300k it is a small city. Old town and it's neighbouring streets are just perfect for running tour, where one can see basically most of it's landmarks in an hour and a half of running.

About Me

Some say I am crazy for all kinds of sports; I wouldn't say all sorts. I can say that I run weekly, I ride mountain-bike weekly, in season I ride snowboard (Backcountry and on slopes). On Thursday evenings, during winter we play Basketball and lately, we are playing volleyball more and more. Othewise above mentioned sports are (unfortunatley) not my profession and I practice them to stay in shape and mostly to clear my head. I like exploring Slovenias history (which comes in handy when doing Sightrunning). I also like to travel as much as possible. I was born in Ljubljana and I live with my family in strict Center of Ljubljana. I speak English, Italian and German. However, Sightunning tours are in English only, since I’m just more fluent in it.

My Running Experience

Expert runner.

My SightRunning tours

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