Florence Plume

Gender: Female

Languages: English

From: Namur, Belgique

Guide ID: G10

About My Hometown

Capital of Wallonie, it's in the South part of Belgium. A small beautiful city

About Me

I love running and traveling, I like to discover new places with a local guide, that's why I decided to become a Guide.


Show people my home town in a different way!

My Running Experience

Started to run 3 years ago and that changed my life. I run 3 or 4 times per week, love to participate races on the weekends, have done 2 marathons so far, it was a milestone in life.

My SightRunning tours

Namur Discovering tour

Tour organised by Florence Plume

This tour is perfect for those that visit Namur for the first time, you will discover the main tourist sight of Namur with some hidden spots other tourists don't see as a surprise. The route is moderate with some small slopes, but the effort will be worthwhile. With this tour, you will appreciate the capital of Wallonie. :-)

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