About us - SightRunning Tour Leader

Are you looking for a Running Tour for your next trip?
Or you are a Runner and wish to set up your running business by organizing Running Tours? 
You are at the right place, we are here to help you get both focus!


SightRunningGuide.com is a platform for SightRunning Tour bookings. Our ambition is to:

  • Promote SightRunning concept
  • Build a SightRunning community that all runners belong to
  • Make it easy to organize and participate Running Tours
  • Make it easy to find Running Tours across the globe and affordable to participate

Why do we promote SightRunning?

Sightrunning can be also called Sightrun; Sightjogging; Travel and Run; Holiday Run; eco travel; Green travel; Running tours; Guided run...... you name it! SightRunning is a combination of Sightseeing and Running. You will discover your destination with a local running guide. He will show you different worthseeing sight and explain to you its history, facts etc. SightRunning is cool!

  • A unique way to get in touch with locals
  • A perfect way to combine sport and culture exchange
  • A healthy way to enjoy your holiday
  •  A unique way to explore your destination
  • You see hidden spots other tourists do not see
  • It's neither a race nor a training session, but fun and relaxing!
  • Most of all, this is environment friendly!

Why are we called SightRunning Guide?

We chose to name our platform SightRunning Guide instead of SightRunning Tour bceause:

  • We believe the Guide is the core element of your successful Running Tour
  • We encourage and help runners to become guides to build a SightRunning community across the globe
  • We promote a platform where a Runner can easily Participate and Organise Running Tours 

How do we help Runners that wish to establish Running Tours?

  • IT burden-free: You do not need to create a website, we offer you your own page to run your business
  • It's totally free to list your running tours  
  • We help promote your Running Tours 
  • We will have an efficient, secure booking and payment process
  •  A professional team that offer you service of high quality

Why us?

  • We are passionate runners that have the goal of promoting SightRunning, making it accessible for all to participate running tours
  • It's more of a sharing community than a commercial platform
  •  We make it easy for you to organize and participate running tours with one single account

SightRunningGuide.com made For Runners, By Runners!

Ready to join us?



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